Mthayel Al Ali an Emarati social media influencer who is born and raised in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and very passionate about

change, media and knowledge.


Self described as ‘a cloud-walker,’ Mthayel does live in the clouds of her own imagination and does not obey by the conventions of society.


She is now one of the most influential personalities in the Middle East with more than 700,000 Instagram followers and 40,000 Twitter friends.


Through her year of experience in the field, Mthayel’s understanding of media theories, her sense of art and design and photography skill supported her to create a unique content in her social media accounts. Her creativity allowed her to work with different international and local brands to fulfill their social media marketing goals.


After 5 years of practicing social media and building her presences online, she is today a trendsetter, an entrepreneur and a feminist

that uses social media with a purpose.


Her goal is to spread this mindset around the people of the region and help individuals to use the digital world tools in the best way to reflect who they are.


Mthayel believes that she is “space holder” for individuals who are dreamy, enthusiastic, genuine and courageous to always try new things and discover their true self.