Takhayyal is a virtual space and a social media platform that is passionate about impactful content creation. The platform aims to bring together and showcase selected relatable profiles to act as a resourceful community that provides relatable reference in the field of content creation.

Takhayyal is also considered as a social media marketing consultancy help to create social media content in both personal and business profiles by using different and unique methods that will guarantee genuine exposure.

Equally, Takhayyal intends to aware about the impact of sensible social media content by offering various workshops and courses in the related field.


Social media is a powerful tool to expose and create content that reflects our idea goals and purposes, it is a way to connect, build and grow together to explore the world with each others view.

In this region, we tend to think of it as virtual world away from reality where we forget that as long as we are real, the virtual world is ours and the content we create on it is our language in it.

Takhayyal believes that content creation in social media is the art to form attractive and thoughtful content to share your personal or business thoughts in the most effective way.

In our community we celebrate individuality and believe that our platform will endorse the social media world with talented and impactful content creators that will influence the community positively.